About Us / Our Mission

They say we all have a story to tell. Some short, some long. Stories all have one thing in common; they start at the beginning with dreams. Dreams create these stories. Mold them, hold them, drive them beyond any border drawn by man.  

Years ago Dr. Michael Weaver dreamt of becoming a Physician so that he could help people.   Decades later he is still living his dream, patient by patient.

Our Founders also shared that dream.  Where the delivery of health care returned to its roots.  Where patients fostered a close, trusted bond with their Physician.  As much time as needed was given to each Patient until all questions and concerns were answered.  Where Providers called their Patients  to see how they were feeling after a visit.  Where Patients always came first.

Today these dreams and values are alive and well at Family Med Plus Wellness Center.  Whatever your needs - minor injury, primary care Physisican, CT-Scan, X-Ray, Ultra Sound or just a simple scratchy throat or routine back to school physical, Family Med Plus is here for you.  Visit us for your health care needs.  

You'll be glad you did.  

In good health,

Dr. Michael J. Weaver, M.D. & 

the entire Family Med Plus staff.

Michael J. Weaver, MD, Medical Director


State of The Art Medical Facility


Phatsady Louangxay, PA-C, Clinic Director