Profile of Honor

Michael J. Weaver, MD

Dedication, Service & Integrity


Michael J. Weaver M.D.

Dedication, Service and Uncompromised Integrity are only a few of the complimentary words that are used when characterizing Dr. Weaver. He is a father and a loving husband, married to his high school sweetheart, Terry. At Family Doctor Plus RI we are truly blessed to have Dr. Weaver as our Medical Director and our clinic lead. As a caring and compassionate physician, Dr. Weaver is always available when called upon, to our patients he is their trusted Doctor, always willing to spend whatever time is required to heal and provide comfort. To us, the staff at Family Doctor Plus, Dr. Weaver provides a sterling example of how we should all aspire to conduct our lives. He is also a trusted mentor and confidant, always available to listen and provide considered advice.

As a young student in a Jesuit high school and later at Holy Cross Jesuit College, Dr. Weaver always excelled academically. Initially unsure what professional discipline to follow, Dr. Weaver greatly admired his Uncle, an oral surgeon. Dr. Weaver applied to medical school was instantly accepted and the start of a compassioned medical career serving others commenced.

Although a native of Ohio, Dr. Weaver completed residency in Boston before relocating to Rhode Island to serve on the medical team of several RI hospitals. Dr. Weaver quickly became enamored of the coastal topography and beautiful landscape of RI and made the state his permanent home. Not only did the local geography satisfy his sole, it also provided Dr. Weaver an opportunity to pursue his passion to sail.

As the owner of his own sail boat and a crew member aboard a friend’s vessel, Dr. Weaver was a skilled racing yachtsman, an avocation that provided an opportunity to contemplate natures many maritime moods. Dr. Weaver found this a pleasant respite from the hectic professional demands as a busy hospital surgeon.

As Medical Director at Family Doctor Plus, Dr. Weaver effectively combines his decades of medical skill with a uniquely personable and compassionate patient perspective. Both patients and clinic staff are the true beneficiaries of his talent and empathetic perspective.