Importance of Diet & Exercise for a Nutritional Lifestyle


A healthy diet and exercise program are complementary to one another and are essential for improving or maintaining good health. The food you eat is important because it provides you with your daily essential nutrients and vitamins to keep your body functioning properly. Additionally, your participation in daily exercise is important because it helps to manage your weight in addition to aiding in reducing your risk for certain health conditions. A daily caloric expenditure between 200 to 400 calories can be healthy and help to achieve a healthy lifestyle, according to the “Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.”
Exercise Basics

Regular participation in an exercise program is beneficial to both your aesthetics and physical health. According to the journal “Kinesiology” in 2008, a program that incorporates a combination of aerobic and strength training can help to increase fat-free mass, improve your body composition and result in weight loss. Furthermore, health-related benefits can reduce your risk for certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease and hypertension according to the journal “Circulation” in 2007.


The combination of cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular exercise completes a well-rounded program. Cardiovascular exercise such as: running, jogging, walking and biking all help to improve your heart, lung and circulatory health, according to the American Heart Association. Whereas non-cardiovascular exercise such as strength training can help to increase fat-free mass gains, reduce body fat and improve your cardiovascular health according to the journals “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” in a 2009 study.

Diet Basics

A diet program that you can regularly adhere to for an extended period of time can be beneficial to your current and future health status. Design this program based on your current health while also making it flexible to be able to change as you change your lifestyle patterns. Set small goals for yourself that build together into a bigger long-term goal you would like to achieve; this way your weight loss goal can be more manageable in small increments instead of trying to reach one large number.


Your food consumption should come from a diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fats. These types of food are essential in obtaining all of your nutritional requirements to help support your activities of daily living. The calories you derive from these substrates can provide you with energy to exercise while also keeping your metabolism healthy. However, although all important, each of these types of food shouldn’t be consumed in equal quantities. Fats contain nine calories per gram of food, whereas proteins and carbohydrates contain four calories per gram of food according to the Mayo Clinic.

In Combination

A properly designed exercise program can help to manage the calorie intake from your diet. Combined with a properly designed diet that provides you nutrients, you can exercise and properly recovery. Both pieces are essential to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet and exercise program allow you to maintain an energy balance that prevents you from gaining weight, and in some instances can facilitate small increments of progressive healthy sustainable weight loss. Your success in seeing the benefits of either diet and or exercise hinges on your ability to incorporate both of these types of programs into your lifestyle plan.


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